It's All About The Love 

 Please check out our day and evening menus. We have everything from light snack through to the main event!  

If you have any dietary requirements or food allergies, 
please bring it to the attention of our staff and we will be happy to advise you. 

 Evening Menu 

Have a Nibble  

Warm Chilli & Lime Nuts (V VG) £3.80 
Duo of Dipping Oils with Rustic Bread (V VG GF) £4.50 
Garlic & Thyme Infused Olives (V VG GF) £4.50 
Humous with Carrot sticks & Flat Bread 
(V VG GF) £3.80 

Let's Get Started  

Soup of the Day served with Rustic Bread £4.50 
Vegan Sweet Chilli Falafels served on a Bed of Mixed Leaf Salad with Balsamic Glaze & Lemon Mayo Dip £5.95 
Smashed Avocado & Teriyaki Prawn Layer served with Mixed Leaf Salad £6.10 
Butternut Squash, Vine Tomatoes & Red Onion Bruschetta (V VG) £5.90 

The Main Event  

Good Old Lasagne served with Mixed Leaf Salad, Vegan and Vegetarian option available served with your choice of Hand Cut Chips OR Garlic Bread £10.95 
Trio of Rumours Hogs wrapped in Smoked Bacon with a Herb & Mustard coating, served with a choice of potatoes & vegetables £11.50 
Spaghetti Bolognaise (GF option available) spaghetti stirred through Rich Bolognaise Sauce and topped with Parmesan £10.95 
Veg & Chickpea Curry served with Wild Rice, Naan Bread & Mixed Salad ( V VG GF) £10.70 
Gammon Steak (8oz) served with our Hand Cut Chips and Peas topped off with your choice of Egg OR Glazed Pineapple (GF) 
Cider and Fennel Battered Fish served with Hand Cut Chips and Peas £11.95 
Rumours Fish Pie, Chunks of Cod, Salmon, Smoked Haddock and Atlantic Prawns in a Creamy Cheese Sauce topped with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Veg (GF) £12.50 


All served with your choice of Balsamic, French, or Gorgonzola Dressing 
Chilli and Lime Salmon Mixed Leaf Salad served on a bed of Mediterranean Cous Cous £11.95 
Warm Chicken, Bacon & Smashed Avocado served on a bed of Mixed Leaf Salad (GF) £11.95 
Beetroot, Mixed Fruit and Walnut served on Mixed Leaf Salad £10.50 
(V VG GF) 
Brie, Grape & Pine Nut, served with Mixed Leaf Salad (GF) £11.25 


All served with our Rumours Hand Cut Chips 
Our 6oz Seasoned Beef Burger served on a Warm Buttered Pretzel Bun layered with sliced Tomato, Mixed Leaf Salad & Red Onion £9.25 
Design Your Own, Add: 
Mature Cheddar £1.00 
Creamy Brie £1.25 
A Bit of Blue (Stilton or Gorgonzola) £1.50 
Smoked Bacon £1.25 
Smashed Avocado £1.00 
Fried Egg £1.00 
Homemade Beetroot, Pea and Mint Burger served in a Pretzel Bun layered with sliced Tomato, Mixed Leaf Salad & Red Onion (V VG) £9.25 
Cajun spiced Chicken Breast served with Smoked Bacon and Avocado served on a Warm Buttered Pretzel Bun layered with sliced Tomato, Mixed Leaf Salad & Red Onion £11.95 

A Bit on the Side 

Hand Cut Chips (V VG GF) £2.20 
Hand Cut Cheesy Chips (V GF) £2.60 
Onion Rings £2.20 
Seasonal Veg (V VG GF) £3.00 
Garlic Bread (V) £2.30 
Garlic Bread with Cheese (V) £2.70 
Homemade Slaw (V) £2.50 
Mashed Potato (V VG GF) £2.20 
Crushed Spuds with Rosemary & Thyme (V VG GF) £2.60 

 Day Menu 

Breakfast Served until 11.30am  

Locally sourced sausage, 2 smoked back bacon, free range egg, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and buttered toast. 
Homemade vegetable pattie, free range egg, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and buttered toast 
Locally sourced sausage 
Locally sources sausage and free-range egg 
Dry cured back bacon 
Dry cured back bacon and free-range egg 
Served with Greek yogurt, drizzled with honey and seasonal fruit 
Served with Nutella, Jam or Marmalade add 0.30p 
Served with maple syrup and seasonal fruit 
“a taste of whats to come!” 


Served on white or granary bread with garnish and vegetable crisps 
Ham Salad: Thick cut dry cured ham, mixed leaf salad, with or without English mustard or mayonnaise. 
BLT: Rashers of smoked back bacon served with mixed leaf salad and peppered tomatoes 
BBC: Rashers of smoked back bacon with creamy brie and cranberry sauce 
OMG: Fish fingers, sprinkled with sea salt and served with or your choice of lemon mayonnaise or tarte sauce 
Pesto: Green Pesto served with mozzarella cheese and basil (toasted) 
Tuna: Shredded tuna in a lemon or sweet chilli mayonnaise 
Egg: Egg mayonnaise with crushed black pepper 
Cheese & Pickle: Crunchy mature Cheddar with sweet pickle 

Rumours Rarebit 

Thick cut toast topped with delicious cheese sauce made with brown ale and crunchy cheddarMixed Leaf Salad & Red Onion £11.95 

Penne a la Ragu: 

Homemade Beef Ragu stirred through Penne pasta and sprinkled with Parmesan 

Soup of the day:  

Served with white or granary bread 
(Please see board) 

Quiche of the day:  

(Please see board) Served with mixed leaf salad and hand cut chips 

 Home-Cooked & Delicious 

We serve deliciously smooth Eco Blend coffee, of which we're proud to say we were the first in Cornwall. Tasty home-cooked food, cooked fresh to order, which makes your mouth water and leaves stomachs satisfied. Really naughty desserts, but who doesn't like something a little bit bad for you. 


Flavoursome wines from our independent suppliers and some great beers and spirits, all with that little bit of difference from the norm. 
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